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Earlier today, or yesterday depending on your location, a shocking announcement was sent to our inboxes. It was a joint announcement from Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica,Rolex Replica Watches Tudor and Patek Philippe, Chopard, Chanel, and announced that they would be leaving Baselworld in April 2021 to start a new platform alongside Watches & Wonders at Palexpo.

It was clear in the announcement that this fissure was caused by a combination of many different factors. The Baselworld management responded quickly with a press release.

Michel Loris-Melikoff, Directeur General de Baselworld. Bale, Septembre 2019 (c) Fred Merz | Lundi13

The MCH Group stated that it was shocked and deeply sorry to hear about the cancellation of major exhibitors at Baselworld. With leading exhibitors, the new date was agreed upon for Baselworld 2020's inevitable postponement. Following the Covid-19-related measures, the objective was to determine the earliest and most favorable date for the industry. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica was one of the "migrating" companies that voted for a postponement to January 20,21. They are also represented in the Exhibitors’ Committee where the future vision for Baselworld was discussed on numerous occasions. This has met with positive responses, as well as numerous individual discussions.audemars piguet replica watches It has not been mentioned that the intention to move to Geneva was being considered. Accordingly, the MCH Group has concluded that the relevant plans were in place for some time. The MCH Group also believes that discussions regarding the financial arrangements to cancel Baselworld2020 have now been presented as an argument.

Baselworld's digital platforms have been highlighted in the release to create a community around it and its participants. The release stated that the MCH Group would make a decision in the coming weeks on whether Baselworld will continue or whether to invest in its future development. This is long-term.