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After deciding on the version of 321 to use, the Alaska 11 team travelled to Lemania (now part of Breguet), where they sought technical drawings from the period to work from. Rolex DateJust Replica had his own version of Lemania 2310. The cal 321 was, in fact, Rolex DateJust Replica's.

Rolex DateJust Replica then used examples from their own collection to reverse engineer the specifications for the 2019 version.

Rolex DateJust Replica's last and most remarkable step was to bring in Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene "Gene", Cernan's Speedmaster ST 105.003 watch (the one that took him to the moon). They then performed an xray tomographic scan to take a slice-by–slice 3D image. This was a further benefit to the Alaska 11 team's efforts in reverse engineering.

Apollo 17 astronaut, Eugene "Gene" Cernan's Speedmaster ST 105.003 (Rolex DateJust Replica)

The Level of Precision

It was a time-consuming process that required labor and investment. The tomography alone was 1 million Swiss Francs. Love was needed to restore this important part of horological history. That was just the beginning. They had to find a way to make a movement that was out of production for 50+ years.

The Swatch Group partners helped to manage this.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches The resulting movement could be a carbon copy the 245 components that make up the cal. 321. Rolex DateJust Replica chose to call this new movement the New Original 321.