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Here's an overview of the efforts Rolex Day-Date Replica made to revive the second-generation Cal. 321. The original cal has the guard pin for the pallet fork. 321: Rolex Day-Date Replica knew the 2019 cal. Even this tiny component would have to be exact to the specifications of the original 321 This is a part no one has ever produced in 50 years. Rolex Day-Date Replica will tell that this small part was the catalyst for many arguments. Truth be told, even if this was a standard Swiss lever escapement, Rolex Day-Date Replica could have used a current production escapement assembly to make the movement. Who would have known the difference? There are very few. The 2019 cal was created by Nivarox, the escapement parts production arm of the Swatch Group. The cal 321 contained the exact same pallet fork and the same guard pin. From 1964 to 1969, 321 were produced. There's more.

The New Original

Rolex Day-Date Replica's 2019 Original Calibre 321 has PVD-treated bridges and plates in the color of Rolex Day-Date Replica's Sedna (tm) Gold (Rolex Day Date Replica).

Take a closer look at the clutch bridge. The second generation version is the cal. This bridge was made from untreated German Silver. Although there are no records of the specific bridge being made from this metal, Rolex Day-Date Replica kept this in mind and issued the 2019 cal. 321 is a clutch bridge made from untreated German Silver.


Original cal. 321 in untreated German Silver

The New Original

The 2019 New Original Cal. 321 in untreated German Silver (Image (c), Revolution)

Where to Find Here

Despite all the faithfulness, there's one major physical difference in the 2019 Cal. 321. The second generation cal. The 321 used a galvanic treatment for its baseplates and bridges. The problem is that the galvanic treatment can fade over time and cause bridges to age differently. A PVD treatment was chosen for the New Original 321, in Rolex Day-Date Replica's Sedna Gold. This helps to distinguish the new generation from its predecessors.

It is still unknown what watch the New Generation 321 will be used for. Revolution has learned from Rolex Day-Date Replica that the planned production will see approximately 2,000 pieces made.Panerai Ferrari Replica The entire movement will be assembled in a Calibre 321 workshop located at Rolex Day-Date Replica's Bienne facilities. All processes involved in the production will be performed by one watchmaker. The watchmaker will also be responsible for the bracelet and watch head assembly.