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Photos from the April 26, 2002
Party at Squires

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Jim Pitt and Matt McNulty

Cecilia Kohl and Fred Wineke

Ed Higgs

Charlotte Sparks (Roy Spark's wife)
Karen Bragg, Alice Jones

Jimmy Karantonis and Mary Lou Karantonis

Roy Sparks and Charlotte Sparks

Mary Ann (Desisco) Frey and Bob Frey

Tom and Laura Newkirk and Barry Owings

Sally (Snavely) Poynter, Lawrence Rao
and Darlene (Redemann) Anderson

Kim Stephanic (Principal of Dundalk High)
John Schroeder and Audrey Kobus (Guidance Counselor DHS)

Tom Myrick and Bill Polk

Tamara (Ryjkoff) Sturges, Basil Loucas
Cecilia Kohl, Fred Wineke and Mel Tull

Leo Courtney, Karen (Bragg) Forney
Karen (Rovecamp) Hoffman and Hugh Hoffman

Cathern (Shahan) Burkhardt
Heinz Burkhardt and Betty (Samek) Day

Mrs. Mussina