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January 11, 2004 News item from
"Ann Thomas Merritt, former chairwoman of the health and physical education departments at Dundalk High School, where she had also been athletic director, was killed in an automobile accident Monday on Interstate 695 near Parkville. She was 70......"

December 2002, The All-Apple Cookbook

Yes, Friends-- It's here at last! 75 Recipes from Soup to Dessert by Barbara Wernecke Durkin (aka "Grannie Appleseed"). Though small in size, this cookbook packs a wallop for anybody who appreciates the humble apple for its beauty, health benefits, and great flavor. We ran only 50 copies for our first run, but are now planning to do a bigger batch to accommodate eager partakers. As soon as we hear from you, we'll rush back to the printer's and start our second run, and you'll have your book(s) in a flash.

Price: In the store (locally only, at Hegedorn's Market) , $9.75.
Direct from me (PIZZAZZ Publishing) they're $8 each. Postage and packing materials will add $1.25 to your price for the first book ordered, and $.50 for each additional copy (if they are all mailed at the same time). At this price, they make great gifts for friends at work, all women who cook, even men who don't, teachers, mail carriers, Sunday School teachers, etc. (But don't try giving one to your newspaper delivery person; they want CASH).

Hope to hear from you ASAP, so that I can deliver the books in time for Christmas
Call: 585-265-3429

    Barbara Durkin
    531 Phillips Rd.
    Webster, NY 14580
P.S. A tithe of any profits I might make will be donated to Christian or charitable organizations, e.g. our church's youth group (for its annual mission trip) or the Dundalk High School Class of '62 Scholarship Fund. This makes it even more fun for me.

Love and Holiday Greetings to all,

Letter to Everyone from Virgil Hackett-- received November 25, 2002

Dave Greenwood's Kidney Transplant-- information as of July 3, 2002

I spoke with Dave Greenwood today (July 3rd) and he was happy to report that he had a kidney transplant operation last Wednesday at University of Maryland Hospital in downtown Baltimore. He was released two days ago. The operation went very well for Dave and for the donor Ms. Sharon Christie, a member of the church where Dave attends. Dave had just come from the hospital for a follow up visit this morning and was a bit tired, but very positive. He is on various medicines to prevent rejection of the new kidney and infection, He will have to be monitored closely for the next year. Dave appreciates the interest in his well being displayed by many of us from the Class of 1962. He talked about attending the Heritage Fair this coming weekend, as he has done many times before, but he thinks he may have to pass it up this year and continue to get his strength back. Dave tells me he is not a keen computer user, but his e-mail address is greenwood38@aol.comfor anyone wishing to contact him.

Barry Owings

March 22, 2002 article from Baltimore Sun on David Greenwood

For more than 30 years, David Greenwood shaped an enduring legacy in Baltimore County as a science teacher and a high school principal.

Now, in perhaps his greatest moment of need, the tightknit communities of Dundalk and Sparrows Point are being asked not to forget Greenwood's contributions.

Greenwood, 66, is one of about 2,700 people in Maryland awaiting an organ donor. Afflicted with diabetes, he needs a new kidney.

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